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Dentures and Partials – Coral Springs, FL

Restore Your Smile and Your Confidence with Dentures

Man with full dentures

Is your smile less than attractive because of missing teeth? Tooth loss can lead to a number of problems. For example, you may not be able to speak as clearly, and eating might be more difficult. Also, your self-confidence could suffer simply because you know people see the gap in your smile. Fortunately, you can have a full, healthy smile again with restorative care. At Coral Springs Dentistry, we offer partial dentures and full dentures to help patients like you restore what you've lost. 

What Is A Partial Denture?

Partial Denture

If you are missing one tooth or a few teeth in a row, then a partial denture that is either removable or fixed can be designed for your unique situation.

A removable denture is made of false teeth that are attached to a metal frame. We take molded impressions of your mouth to ensure that the false teeth fit comfortably between your own and do not interfere with opposing teeth when you bite. Clips that attach to teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile hold a partial in place.

A fixed partial, also called a bridge, is an oral device that is mounted over healthy teeth or dental implants. A bridge is made up of two dental crowns that are placed over abutment teeth—one healthy tooth on each side of the gap—and the false teeth that span the gap in your smile. Once a fixed partial is bonded to abutment teeth, you have a permanent solution to tooth loss.

What Is A Full Denture?

Dentures in hand

Full dentures are for patients that are missing all of the teeth along the top or bottom arch. This prosthetic is made of false teeth set on an acrylic base that is colored to look like natural gum tissue.

If the teeth along your upper ridge are gone, then a denture with an open palate may be preferable in order to give you greater comfort and a better sense of taste. Rest assured, however, your dentures will always fit comfortably and securely without irritating your gums.

For even greater confidence when you eat and talk, ask about implant-retained dentures. These are attached to small implanted posts that are surgically embedded in your jawbone. They are typically more secure and permanent than traditional dentures.

The Benefits of Dentures and Partials

For most people, the greatest benefit is smiling back at them in the mirror. However, there are other important considerations. First, teeth replacement is important to your oral health. Just one missing tooth increases the risk of decay in other teeth as well as gum disease.

In addition, tooth loss sometimes leads to malnutrition if a patient is not able to chew a variety of healthy foods including fresh fruits and vegetables.

For these reasons and more, consider dentures or a partial to restore your missing teeth. The dentists at Coral Springs Dentistry are ready to help!